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Turquoise Gems


What is faceting?

A process of cutting regular planes on stone in a predetermined pattern that is related to the stone’s crystalline structure. The first precious stones used for decorating jewellery were not faceted at all, but smoothed and rounded into the cabochon style (a cabochon is a stone with a flat back and a domed face). It was discovered, however, that some stones reflect more light if they are cut into facets, and so the face was cut into regular panes as in the rose cut. The backs of these early cut stones were still flat, but through experiment lapidaries learned to shape the bottom of a stone into a point (known as a pavilion) that further increased the gem’s “fire.”


We are very fortunate to have the knowledge and expertise of Mr Mike Waller available to our members. Very well known in the faceting world achieving high scores and recommendations in faceting competitions.  

This is a super pear cut. The cut is done in CZ (Cubic Zirconia) and took in excess of 40 hours to complete. So if you are in a hurry maybe this is not for you.

This stone is cut from the wonderfully brilliant Topaz. Topaz is rated as an 8 on the mohs scale. It well prepares you in honing your skill set to take on a Sapphire or a Ruby and then on to Diamond.  

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